Risotto with saffron, zucchini and pancetta

Yesterday was one of those days with a strong risotto craving. This time I wanted to try something that I have not cooked before. It came out pretty well, though I expected the color to be a bit more orangy. I tried to keep it simple, but of course one can add more items depending on their taste.


Ingredients: (for two)

Carnaroli rice – 1cup

Zucchini – 1-2 – diced in to small cubes

Saffron – about 2 pinch

White onion – 1 (small)

Cheese – Parmesan or Peccorino – grated

Bacon – 50 gms



Fry the bacon with very little oil till it turns a bit crisp. Add the finely chopped onions and fry it with olive oil till the raw smell goes away. Now add the zucchini and after frying it for about 2 mins, add the rice and fry for a minute. Make sure the rice is coated with oil and add the broth. Keeping adding the broth at regular intervals and keep stirring every now and then for about 20 mins (or till the rice is cooked). About 10 mins into cooking the rice, add the saffron and add the broth. keep stirring and this helps saffron to mix well and render colour to the risotto. Add the grated cheese a minute before turning off the fire and then add some butter, mix it well. Let it sit covered for about 5 minutes and this gives the risotto a good consistency.

For those of you who prefer wine on the side, we tried the Langhe Nebbiolo produttori del barbaresco. It was fantastic.Image


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